Hello World & tentative blog scheme

Having been reminded by one of Blake's automated e-mails that I have journal space here at LISNews.com, I will try to take advantage of it.

In case other people choose to read my musings, here is my current plan for updating this blog:

Frequency - Once a week, usually on weekends. I reserve the right to post more often, but know my own weaknesses well enough to realize that once a week is probably the freshest I can manage.

Topic - Ecletic! Most likely geared towards my personal readings (quotes I want to share, ocaisional reviews), postings about government documents and freedom of information, other items I think are even vaugly library related. The occaisional observations on the Imperial civil religion passing as Christianity in this country (I'll try to keep these to a minimum, but sometimes I can't help myself.)

Comment Response Policy - Since I can't picture many people reading this, maybe it's arrogant to HAVE a comments response policy. It's better to be safe than sorry:

1) I won't respond to comments with profanity whether or not I agree with your point of view. There is enough profanity on both sides of the political spectrum.

2) I don't feel compelled to respond on attacks on my patriotism.

3) If I'm not being clear in an item, never be afraid to let me know.

That's it for my intro! - Daniel

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