Well. The memo came out several days ago that there were going to be cuts at the seminary where I work (standalone seminary in the south). It's depressing naturally. But its feeling more than depressing too. No one knows who will go/stay.

It means that I have to screw up the courage (again) to look at job ads. I thought this would be the last place I'd work until retirement in twenty something years. Now I feel torn; have to do what is right for the family and all.

AHHHH there's the rub. We've just now settled into the area. We've looked at some houses to buy even so we can stop the vagabond renter's life we've lived. Our kids are safely and happily in schools they seem to thrive in.

Our director has said that he thinks the library might have "a position or two" cut. Rumors among staff are that it means the part-timers and new cataloger would be first. But I'm the next-newest employee after that. Gulp.

I don't think my family can mentally take another relocation. So that means we stay here. Then the question is "where to work?"


We are in a similar boat. A budget crisis, and just received word that they are doing a job audit again. Usually, in years of steady finances, this means pay raises but now the fear is that it will mean cuts. We're already facing hiring freezes and the constant downgrading of newly opened positions.

My advice is this, start looking at the job ads casually. Always nice to be prepared should the worst happen. However, might I suggest talking to you manager about your fears. They may know what is coming and can steer you in the right direction. Or they can assuage your fears... I hope that you miss the cuts! Good luck!

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