Kung Fu Karma (revisited)

Again, not that I care, just a point of reference for the future. It seems that Karma caps at 100, a nice round number.

TV logic from Kung Fu dictates: To know nature is to put oneself in perfect harmony with the universe. Heaven and earth are one. So must we seek a discipline of mind and body within ourselves.

Therefore, be content with your Karma, since it does have a limit.


So your karma is 100? I'm j-e-a-l-o-u-s (even though I shouldn't care--alas, I do, sorta).

Anyway, my dad's bigger than your dad.

Congratulations anyway for having THE MOST KARMA!!!!.

There's a few interesting thread out in the ether about karma and the syndrome caused by it where users quit posting after they reach a karma peak.Once you hit top, it can only go down, or you're fighting to keep it up. Well, with plenty of time on your hands, it's not that tough. I'd rather worry about interesting posts than the karma number. I just thought it was interesting that it caps at 100.

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