Why every reference librarian needs a Palm Tungsten

Imagine this:

All in one six-ounce package. Need I say more?


Maybe the week after Thanksgiving's poll should be what handheld, if any, are used by librarians.

I've not kept up with the handheld market ... what makes the Tungsten so appropos for portable reference?Also, there been any press regarding Tablet PCs for use in libraries?

I picked Palm because I have one (an old III), and I picked the Tungsten series because they have enough memory to hold those three things. The USA nutrition database is on my Palm III now, but the IMDB weighs in at 19M, so it needs at least a Tungsten E.

As far as tablets are concerned, they don't replace a handheld, I don't think. They're pretty heavy still, and they don't have the "instant on" quality that handhelds provide. You still have to boot windows to get work done. A Tungsten C, which has built-in WiFi, would be a great portable terminal in a large library that has wireless installed: you can check the catalogue standing in the middle of the stacks! The T2 and T3 Palms have bluetooth wireless, which is just starting to be deployed, so they're not great wireless terminals, but they're also a lot cheaper.

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