Offtopic: First snow of the year in Vancouver, WA

We moved to the PacNW to get away from the hot/cold extremes of Philadelphia, and we didn't expect to see much winter snow here either (Vancouver, WA), just rain. Well, the weather people predicted rain, rain, rain today, but the weather turned a little colder. We posted a few pics to our personal website at My daughter can't wait to get out into it before it melts.


nice snow, cute baby.

Thanks for both comments. Snow capped out at 4 inches in about 4 hours. The munchkin is looking forward to bouncing in the snow before the rain washes it away.

I really meant it too (nice snow & nice kid) -- but I also appreciate the added karma! It hasn't snowed here yet (NYC), and my husband's a ski buff (we have a place upstate), and we're waiting for the white stuff.

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