Makes Adsense to Me!

I've been stealthily running Google Ads on the old LISNews pages (e.g. here or Here for about a month now, just to see what happens.
I'm suprised at the results, and so far I think it may let me run LISNews on a server alone. I only need to make $6 a day to have it pay for a decent server, and by just running the ads that may happen. I feel like less of a sell out running those ads for some reason. I guess because I don't actually sell the ads, I just make a few cents every time some does a clickity-click through.
With the number of pages we server, and the same click through percentage, LISNews could be a free service for me for the first time! Getting LISNews off of LISHost would make life much easier for me.

Anyone have any problems with Google Ads on LISNews?

11-12-03 7am: To answer tangognat & mcbrides questions below, yes, I've thought about Text ads ala Mefi or K5, my experiment started by reading Matt's Blogging for Dollars. I've often thought about selling text ads, but opted not to for one reason or another so far. Seems like alot of extra work?


Have you thought about running something similar to the textad feature that runs ( and The ads on their site are not contextual, and not always selling something (sometimes just advertising someone's blog). Obviously it takes more effort, but maybe some of the lisnews people would be willing to sponsor ads for their blogs? I thought about running an ad there, but I'm certain people that visit their site are not my type of client. However, this site is...Metafilter charges $1 per thousand impressions, with a minimum of 10,000 impressions. That's $10 to place an ad viewed by 10,000. It's just a thought, but I'd be one that would sign up for something like that with this audience.

Well, I think Mefi is also running google ads as well.

I have no problem with google ads, especially if it will help you defray your costs! does the same textad thing, with other sponsored ads ( The nice thing is that one ad is consistent (like Google) while the other is targeted towards the members that participate (textads). Just a thought, but its almost a way for active participants to give back to lisnews.

Yup, I'd see textads as extra work, even if the underlying code/application was simple to operate. Google ads are interesting and provide steady income, but may not be as interesting to the readers. K5 textads are almost entirely server/hosting ads; Mefi mainly ads for people's t-shirts, blogs, and hosting. But they probably get more clickthroughs. Too bad GOogle hasn't thought about a mix of their ads and tailored textads.

I'm cool with Google ads. It strikes me as a much better alternative than "buy my book on Amazon" (lots of bloggers method of income).


I agree that the ads are just fine, and hope they bring in the income you'd like to see.

(Actually, the ad-placement mechanisms can result in some amusing juxtapositions, so I think of the ads as a little freebie feature. I see that PC Magazine's last page now relies heavily on ad juxtapositions for its humor, although those aren't usually Google text ads.)

By the way, some change in your code seems to have almost entirely fixed the width problems...

[And no, I have no intention of getting involved in the Teleread fray. There's a good reason that Teleread is never mentioned in Cites & Insights, in addition--of course--to me being ignorant, clueless and a Luddite and hostile adversary and all that.]

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