Shall we - blog - (da da dum)?

Shall I or shan't I? I found myself asking my college-aged son about the pros and cons of blogging. When/if he gets back to me (not that I'm waiting for his approval), you may/may not hear from me again! ps - don't hold your breath folks.


Aren't you blogging by putting up an entry on your blog about blogging?

Yes misseli, you're right. Thank you for your observation. I guess I was thinking out loud...writing out loud? Do you blog? I'm taking a poll here--what do you like and dislike about blogging? Feedback appreciated!

I do blog. In fact, I just blogged earlier that I need to take blogging more seriously. Thus, I will create another blog, for my professional interests.

I actually got into blogging to 1) keep up with friends who live outside my region or whom I'm otherwise too busy to see regularly (which is just about everyone) and 2) practice personal writing. It's a bit overhyped as an entirely separate medium (it's not), but it is a very useful and versatile tool for "broadcast" and communication online.

Thanks for your response. Both of my sons have chosen to blog and it's a legitimate peak into their lives w/o breaking into their diaries; they seem more inclined to share their thoughts with the whole world than with mom. I suspect I will join them as a sometime blogger. And of course, we all want our little voices heard out there.

Cool ... good luck!

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