ERIC is dead

Well, not dead yet; it's got a month or so to go. This just came from the education librarian:

Hi, all - like the sad news of the passing of an old friend, I understand
that the ERIC Clearinghouses have been given a deadline of December 19,
2003, to close all Web sites (including AskERIC) and disconnect all e-mail
addresses that make use of the name "ERIC", and all toll-free phone numbers.


Sad news indeed. A valuable resource, built up over 30 years, killed by bureaucratic whim.

Can you point us to any details on this wretched development?

All I know is what I've already said. The ed. librarian forwarded a message that had been sent to the EBSS-L mailing list, run by the education and behavioral sciences section of the ACRL.

(all below quoted from a popup window linked from the ERIC search page at h.servlet.login.LoginServlet)Changes Coming to ERIC December 19, 2003Use one URL to:- search the ERIC database- search the ERIC Calendar of Education-Related Conferences- link to the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS) to purchase ERIC full-text documents- link to the ERIC Processing and Reference Facility to purchase ERIC tapes and toolsERIC will begin a transition in late December as a new U.S. Department of Education contractor develops a new model for the ERIC database and services. ERIC clearinghouses websites, including AskERIC, and their toll-free telephone numbers will close on December 19, 2003. Change your ERIC bookmarks to

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