I have a drinking problem

Since I started my new job in May I've been unable to stop drinking the water I get from the water cooler down the hall. Everyday I really look forward to filling up my water bottle, it's just that good! I never really gave any thought to the water in the water cooler, until just now.
It turns out that it's Distilled Water, not spring water like I had always assumed. So the secret to GREAT tasting water is, apparently, to distill it first! It makes such a huge difference in taste it's really amazing.


For a moment, I thought you were going to say that you had a drinking problem like that guy from Airplane! And yes, distilled water is definitely the best.

I started my hard-core addiction of Columbia's finest when my previous employer gave it away for free at work. Damn, it was good.I'd do anything for free, fresh coffee at the workplace. In early, stay late.....miss lunch.Yep.Then I saw the coffee maker hadn't been cleaned properly in months.Now I make my own.

Just don't start adding grain alcohol. Your boss would probably frown on that.

for me, I'm just addicted to the 2-floor elevator ride I get to partake in just to get to the distilled water [or, often, the bathroom... two go sort of hand in hand]. We don't have a coffee maker at work so that will have to do.

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