Look Around The Public Library

A bunch of unrelated, but interesting stories, most sent in by Bob Cox.

The Post-Intelligencer has a Story on the King County library system, which is The third busiest in U.S. They say the only way to get a study table at King County\'s main library on a Sunday is to race in the door when it opens at 1 p.m.

San Antonio\'s public library fines are the highest at 20 cents a day.
\"We give people three weeks to return a book, a week to return a video or a CD,\" Graham said. \"After that, they are stealing from the taxpayers. We\'re just providing incentive for people to bring the material back.\"

Charlotte.com Story on that woman who had 900 books after she was arrested for stealing from the library.
This is a lesson,\" said Jim McKee, director of the Caldwell County library. \"Most of our policies have been geared toward honest people.\"
The Christian Science Monitor has A Story on how nice things are at public libraries now.

Public libraries now are like the town green was 100 years ago,\" says Ms. Mclaughlin
For those of us looking for work in a library they also have some good news.
In about five years, as more librarians hit retirement age, she says the problem [not enough librarians] will go from \"serious to an epidemic.\"

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