Finding Balance

Here's my problem.
I want to know Linux, CSS, PERL, PHP, and Slsahcode inside and out. I want to be an expert at those things, write about them, and use them. I'm pretty good at most, if not all currently. The trouble is, I can't write about them if I am using them, I can't tell others how to use them, because I spend too much time actually using them. I want to write more, in this case write = writing journal articles, print stuff. I see people doing wonderful things in print, and on the web, and I think to myself, "how the hell do they have any time to do that?" and myself answers "well, maybe they don't sleep?"
Then again, maybe they don't run LISNews/LISHost.
I figure I actually have the freedom to choose what I do most of the time, and I choose to keep LISNews & LISHost going at this point in my life. If I want to spend time doing other things, reading, writing, and such, then whatever it is that takes up most of my 16 hours of awake time needs to be re-prioritized. If I am posting 16 stories a day to LISNews I am not writing elsewhere, if I am killing bugs in slashcode, or helping someone set up MT on LISHost, I am unable to read a new book I boght.
Work, my day job, takes up no small percentage of my awake time, and then there's all the other things, lately it's been the wedding, but things like that will always come up. I am beginning to feel like I need to find a different balance point, less of something, more of others. I don’t want to lose my chops, but at the same time, I'd like to get other things done.

Are those who teach/write about all this unable to actually use most of what they write/teach? I don't see how one can have time to be an expert, and do other things as well.


I get time to write only when it gets down to the wire. I will have written six piece in the past 12 months for Searcher/Online (3 columns and 3 articles). Something on using PHP (any/all the open source opportunities), installing MT, or using slash would be a great topic for the field. I make time because it makes me feel like I'm contributing to the community (not for the $), but you're already doing that with LISNews.I hope you are able to find time, or offload some of the LISNews work to someone you can trust for a week or so. I've thought about doing a piece on opensource software that would be useful for librarians, but I've got too many other articles lined up already. Good luck.

And now you have one reason that (a) I don't do a weblog, (b) my personal web site uses incredibly rudimentary HTML, (c) I relied on the kindness of strangers (OK, not *that* strange) to produce an RSS feed for Cites & Insights...

At work, I do--analysis, OpenURL stuff, interface work (but rarely actual coding), etc., etc.--but I rarely write for public consumption.

At home, I write--but I'm reluctant to take on new time-consuming skills. The balance is still tricky, to be sure.

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