Pick A Name

Browsing the list of 466 User Accounts we already have at LISNews the names are quite amusing. Here's a few of my favorites:

Fang-Face (he's so scary sounding), bibliothecarius, TechKase, soy_mustang (just cuz it's so funny sounding), Onehander (could mean anything I suppose), madcow, libdir, Zed (Canadian?), drweb, RudeAmy (Understanding is the first step towards the cure), librarybunny (cute), hahahaha, honky, j_at_work (Hardly working I assume), cdnlibrarian (Eh?), swampthing, SpinsterLibrarian, angrythoat (Scary), ChrisTheCat (meow), InfoWhale, pamplemousse, Fez the Barbarian Li (Damn, cut short), bbbbbbb1 (Stutter?), artlibrarian, literarylion (Roar), masterbation, bookworm4321, Jonas (Reminds me of that Weezer song), Original Cyn, surfer rosa (Pixies), Another Aaron (If at first you don't succeed), Biblia, the Warrior , Eclectic Researcher, privacybarbie, lucky, BubblyBookGrrl (Just sounds so friendly), librlord, scary , The Federalist, chattykathy, bookmarm, librarian (It took 300+ people to think of that one?), Esmeralda, maxpower (Strap yourself in and feel the G's!), Mock Turtle, Infoweasel, Gonzo Librarian, andhow, SmartRat, aah, miraclesdaily (Good description of what we all do), SkinnyPimp , hihuhiuhiu, tomeboy , librarymary, themom, map (Keeping it simple), GeekLib, shelfmouse, Meteor, waterdragon (There be Dragons here), and last but not least....infodiva, which is the actual last account at the moment.

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