43 Days And Counting

43 days till I "tie the knot", and 45 days till we honeymoon in Hawaii!
I should have a laptop with me, and I'll be sure to have extra people around to baby sit LISHost & LISNews during my time on the islands.
I'm hoping that we'll be able to set up some kind of web cam for the wedding, there'll be at least 3 LISNewsterz there, possibly more, so it might be somewhat interesting to watch. Then again, probably not, but I may be able to set something up.

Never fight the urge to Buy Me A Present.


You'll be sharing these books with her, eh?

Yes! She loves to read about PERL!

You've got the kind of wish list I wish I had put together.The best thing about weddings is creating humour. Make it funny and you won't ruin your makeup, ha!

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