What should I do for my faculty fellowship?

Well the powers that be decided that since no one from my particular college had applied for a faculty fellowship, I should do so. I filled out the application 5 minutes before closing one day and had it the next day. I am glad to have this, it should be fun--it involves working with some of the IT folks to "develop" my skills to work on a project. It looks like I'm doing some kind of library tutorial, unless I come up with something else better soon. My mentor is a web graphics designer. I already know HTML, and have been playing around with graphics.

Any suggestions on great ideas to learn and do would be appreciated--it would be nice to come up with something that is at least a bit unique and not just the standard basic "here are the library resources" presentation.


Learn slashcode & PERL, I could use some help around here!!

Seriously though, learn something that you'll be able to use AFTER you are done with the project, and on and on.

I wouldn't mind doing that, but my mentor is a graphics guy (and a really nice one too). We went over Photoshop in great detail for my first meeting. I knew a lot of it already, but the things I DIDN'T know are ones that will make my interactions with designing graphics much more pleasant than they have been.I keep meaning to learn PERL one of these days...don't know anything about slashcode.

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