first two weeks of school

School, work and the baby ...... the juggling went well until the mini suv went caput :S i'll be shopping for a minivan this week ...... hmmmmm ..... this week is going to be a learning experience ...... i'm finishing my last week at my job, looking for the new mommy mobile, doing homework & entertaining the little bundle of joy .....hmmmmmm it doesn't look that bad written down.

Oh btw if anyone is interested my classmates and I are making pathfinders and doing 5 minute presentations on various topics. My topic is the Book of Hours.

I'm taking two classes - history of books and libraries and intro to info and ref services - both classes are tremendously interesting ..... I'll elaborate more when I have a bit more energy ..... the fiancee and I spent the day vehicle shopping .....the combination of that intense new car smell and the hot sun - whew - until next time. bai bai

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