Introduction to me

Welcome to my first online journal,
Thanks for clicking on my link!

I feel a bit like I did when I joined a dating
service back in the 90's. Potential is great to make some friends, but, I only want to share great and wonderful things about myself,
since it is out there for anyone interested to see.

Well, the dating service gig was a good thing, so
what the heck.....

I am a library school graduate refugee, with no library to call home. I have been substituting
in a local public library and local school districts for seven months, and have recently widened my job search geographically to include sunny destinations.

I live a mile from Lake Erie in a small town east of Cleveland, so I am use to white skies and lots of snow in the winter.

I enjoy surfing the net and reading about libraries, hence my submissions as of late.
I really loved library school, especially meeting all the other grad students, some late career deciders like myself. You see, I was a computer programmer/analyst in my earlier career. And now it is nice to connect online with others with similar interests...

I am happy there are more jobs available to apply to lately, and expect something to break any day now. Hope I don't read this in three months, though and find myself still in refugee status.

Bye for now, Marlene

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