Public peeved about S.F. library

A story on the new library in San Francisco, CA.

A city-commissioned report calling for $28 million in fixes to the 3-year-old Main Library received its first public airing.

The $240,000 report was commissioned to find solutions to a shortage of library shelf space and to complaints that books were difficult to find. But several of the nearly 60 people who attended Thursday night\'s meeting were disabled and worried the direction of the study would exclude them from the library\'s services.
\"Get a little sense,\" said the 54-year-old San Francisco resident as he addressed the commissioners and the team of library experts that worked on the study. \"I can\'t believe the commission paid to have this survey done.\"

Others who voiced their concerns throughout the nearly four-hour meeting shared similar complaints.

The $240,000 evaluation, completed three years after the much anticipated $137 million library opened, was conducted by Ripley Architects of San Francisco which involved several library experts in the research.

Commissioners on Thursday asked questions and got feedback from the survey\'s team including Susan King, the director of the Los Angeles Public Library, and Florence Mason, a former librarian and professor who specializes in facility and management counseling.

Cynthia Ripley, the director of the study, indicated that the report\'s suggested fixes were meant as a guide to give the commission a better idea of the library\'s problem areas.

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