Week 2 With The Slashcode

Not really in any order, but here's what week 2 has given
me to do, so far:



ENT Feeds for Jen

The older stories need help still

Still some Db issues I guess with those

The old quotes are just gone right now, not sure if I can import them or not

Slowly getting there. It's still a challenge figuring how this code works, it's
much more complex than the old site.


The old polls, forgot about those till someone asked.
I'll get there, I hope, haven't even looked at that one though, maybe just a
link to the old poll code?


I need to write some decent documentation for both
authors and members

Authors is coming along, and I think members is done until
someone tells me otherwise.

Old comments, HOW TO?

ACK! This is going to give me nightmeres.

Integrate mailing lists
No, wait, this is going to give me mightmears!


What about subscriptions?
Yeah, what about them? Can this place pay for itself finally?


Make the "hits" come back to the story display
Should be simple... famous last words.


I don't like "Read/Comment..." but not sure what would
work better
Maybe just comments?


What Karl said, the edit link is misleading. See if I
can hide that when previewing stories (authors only).
[Submitted to the
Slashcode folks as a bug]
Status is fixed, so maybe I can just diff that file.


Make a

better page
that lists UID's.

Damn that's ugly.


Make admin toolbar stand out more, it's easy to miss.

Just some Bold Tags should do it.

Ender filter.

Fix all those 404's via ln -s.
More or less complete


Get that "about" page rewritten

Yeah, some day.

Categories for all the vars?
Maybe ask the list for help.


Modify the moderation reasons a bit

Work with Aaron and other authors

Make HOF.pl better, or move back to the old .php one.
Might be a good file to get chops on.


Kill relocate.pl

I swear I read that somewhere.

Old stories with single and double quotes in their titles have the \ showing



Add links to Urchin, search, and mailadmin to admin tool

Now that I can do!


Tell me how many user accounts we have when I log in

Might not be too hard.

anon people to start out at 1, and
people with acocunts start out at 2 (maybe up the ceiling?). That
way, no worries about what it does with 0s and stuff. And default
viewing is at 1.

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