I'm not 92, I'm 74

I understand the nature of websites and losing information. I originally registered on lisnews.com and had the UID of 74. Now, after registering again, I'm 92. Still double-digits, so I shouldn't complain too loudly. Rant is over.


Sorry, I take all the blame :-(
Darn pesky computers never do what I tell them to do!

hey, i'm just wondering about your username. are you into HiFi? as in solid state amps?

The origin of "solidstate" is quite simple and rather banal. I had this old radio on my desk which I pulled out of some back closet one working day when I wanted to hear a baseball game or something. That radio has a plaque on it with "solidstate" printed right on it. No more; no less. That said, I appreciate a quality sound system; movies are best watched with the volume set (on my system) to 35-40.

No worries. I respect you for changing code and working through all the bugs. I believe the change of code has shown positive results. For me, at least.

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