Actress Jessica Biel Options Film Rights To Book With Librarian Heroine


Biel says she was smitten with Megan Abbott's book Die a Little, and it is likely she will play the blond femme fatale with the dark past, rather than the other protagonist, a seemingly normal librarian. Hollywood is unwilling to pay for a period piece set and costumes, so the adaptation will bring the Los Angeles local into the modern era, rather than 1954, as it was originally.


Your post (and the article) refer to Lora King as a librarian, but she wasn't. She was a school teacher. Also, Alice was hardly a "blond femme fatale." In the novel Alice is described thusly: "When she'd turn that black-haired head of hers, a collarbone would pop out disturbingly. She had no curves. She was barely a woman at all, and yet she seemed hopelessly feminine, from her airy walk, her muzzy, bobbing gesticulations, her pointy-toed shoes, and the spangly costume jewelry dangling from her delicate wrists." Hmmm. Just how faithful can this movie adaption be we?

My quote was taken from the second page of the excerpt posted here: htm

I don't know the book at all, just passing on the news as I received it. Those reporters get paid to check facts, I don't.

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