in Australia, new TV Entertainment by theName of "The Librarians"


Hey there...

Any Aussie librarians seen the new show by the same name? Please send us your comments! Here's a review from The Age of the recently premiered dark comedy.


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Aussie Television

During my short time in Australia (one college semester) I was impressed by the nudity on broadcast television. Maybe they can combine the library setting with soft-core porn scenes?

Re:Aussie Television

The image of the show cast just loaded. Check out the chick in purple, hubba, hubba.

A Bit Online

The show's Web Site has a preview. I'll second GAC's hubba hubba.

The Librarians

The premier episode airs in Australia on October 31 - but there is good news for our American Cousins. Firstly, the ABC will make the series available as a DVD, and secondly, the ABC ofen turns shows like this into (free) podcasts. This information has been brought to you by The Warrior Librarian (who didn't sign in due to a v. slow Internet connection)

Re:The Librarians

Yeah, but will they release the DVD in the U.S.? And will the hot chick get her own extras DVD?

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