Library porn filters would block patrons' legitimate inquiries

The San Jose Mercury News Says Filtering was a bad idea a decade ago, and still is. Responding to a minor nuisance at the downtown library by dampening the rights of inquiry and speech of all patrons at every city library is an unacceptable trade-off.


I don't register to read articles. However if the local library patrons want filters, and not just a few easily offended patrons - but a significant number of users, then filter. I find it keeps the pervert to non-pervert patron ratio low.

If the patrons don't want them then don't filter.

There is no right to internet access at the library and no patron ever complained because her kid could not see perverts masturbating or porn on a computer.

Children being molested is a "minor nuisance"? I am sure you must not have read the complete story or the story numbering the children having been molested.

0? Isn't the number 0? The articles I read from the Mercury News said nothing about specific cases of sexual assault.Nice use of "having been ...". People don't take Latin anymore. Sic transit gloria."About a year ago, a KGO-TV news crew examining access to pornographic images at Bay Area libraries found evidence of obscene behavior in San Jose's main Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library. The program cited 'several arrests for child porn at the library, at least 10 cases of child molestation or other sex crimes involving kids, and several cases of men viewing porn and performing a lewd act, right at the terminal.'"Councilman wants San Jose libraries to block online pornCOUNCILMAN SEEKS ONLINE FILTERINGBy John WoolfolkMercury NewsArticle Launched: 10/21/2007 01:38:54 AM PDT

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