Christian group pushing to filter porn from San Jose libraries


The Mercury News: A Christian group led in part by a former San Jose city councilman is pushing for anti-pornography filters on computers at the city's public libraries. "We want to provide free access to information. Parents are certainly welcome to guide children's use, but it's certainly not the library's role to do that," branch manager Pam Crider said.


More propaganda by the library. The library can do whatever the community wants and the law allows, and it does not have to do what the American Library Association wants as promoted by the local librarian. It's a PUBLIC library, not an ALA library. The ALA is not paying the taxes that support the library. The community must realize the ALA is propagandizing, and the news story indicated this is a matter of interest to conservative Christians is misleading as well because religion has nothing to do with following community standards or various laws and cases that define the rule of law, but it has a lot to do with misleading the public.

I agree. Too bad many local communities are not aware of that.

For the last time, the ALA DOES NOT control library policies or collections. The ALA is an advocacy and PR organization it is not a regulatory or sanctioning body.Library content issues are decided by the staff and the board or official to whom they report.Please. Knock. It. Off.

The issue is that theo-fanaticism is all about control, it is not in anyway about worship or morality.

And you did not respond to my statement that, like any self-righteous blowhard, you mistook a criticism of yourself and your philosophies for an attack on all religion.

On, and by the way, you and your ilk are heretics. God's kingdom is not a kingdom of this earth, it is the kingdom of heaven. Have a happy damnation.

I agree with you, Leo. But I'm not telling people what to do. Rather, I'm pointing out that the American Library Association is telling people what to do, is usually violating community standards and skirting the law, and children are being harmed as a direct result.Further, even the ACLU's own expert testified in ACLU v. Gonzales, E.D.Pa., March 2007, that filters were extremely effective nowadays. People need to know that, need to know exactly how the ALA is misleading them, then take charge over their own public libraries.So I'm not controlling what's in your library as you claim. I'm only encouraging citizens to kick out the real party controlling what's in people's libraries, namely, the ALA. Since you were against me for allegedly controlling public libraries, and since I'm not and the ALA is, I'll assume you are now against the ALA for controlling public libraries.Thank you, Leo, for being against the American Library Association's "controlling what [you] can see at the public library."

The last person I'd want controlling what I can see at the public library is someone with "" as part of his or her signature.

No 2nd class filtered Internet for me.

Fang-Face. You have now, just as in the past, gone into attacking the messenger and avoiding the issues. You even use inappropriate language in doing so. Since your existence here is only to antagonize and attack, I'll be responding less to your attacks. You are a public disgrace.


Thank you, SafeLibraries, for proving yourself to be one of those religious lunatics who see any dissenting comment as an attack on religion.

I'm sure it is not wasted on discerning readers with a capacity for nuance that I was not attacking religion at all; I was merely attacking religous fanacticism, and certain religionists, which is not at all the same thing.

And by the way, those religious fanatics actually constitute a small proportion of the American mosaic; a minority proportion, I will point out, as has been proved in actual surveys as to what a local population might want in the way of censorship. The censormorons lost by margins of two to one in favour of freedoms and liberties every time.

It should be noted that the reporter mentioned the ALA, not the librarians interviewed. They all gave their own reasons. The average professional at work is not closely connected to the ALA. Most of the time they are a service provider and a way to network. They are not the Politburo. You would know that, not to be cruel, if you were a librarian and not an inquisitor.Here's a fun game: take the last 15 posts you written, Safe, and take out the word "ALA" and substitute "Freemasons." See how it reads.

Thank you, Fang-Face, for proving my point. You are showing that by attacking religion, the statement made by a religious person is nullified. It is not, however; hence the need for people like you to say what you say that is little more than ad hominem argument designed to avoid the real issue: the community should get to decide what happens in the community's public library, not the American Library Association.

More ultra-conservative, theo-fanatic propaganda. People need to realize that what religious lunatics really want is to filter out everything that does not conform to their hypersensitivity and petty prejudices. During the Middle Ages and Inquisitions, they burned people at the stake; more recently, the Taliban of Afghanistan outlawed applause and paper bags as "offensive" to God Almighty.

Another personal attack by Fang-Face. I'm not taking the bait.

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