Write For The code4lib Journal

Eric Lease Morgan is looking for a few good writers over at Code4lib: Consider submitting proposals for articles, book & software reviews, code snippets & algorithms, conference reports, opinion pieces, etc. to Code4Lib Journal.
Code4Lib Journal strives to fill a communication niche above simple description of software implementations but below pure theoretical digital library investigation. The editorial board is looking for content that is practical, demonstrates how to exploit technology to create digital library collections and services, or offers insight and forethought regarding the use of computers in any type of library setting. While articles in the journal should be of a high quality, they need not follow any formal structure or guidelines. Writers should aim for the middle ground between, on the one hand, blog or mailing-list posts, and, on the other hand, articles in traditional journals. We want publishing in the journal to be easy and painless, helping the community to share timely, relevant information that is currently shared all too rarely.

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