10 ways to get you to read a book


As the Man Booker Prize looms, every competing publisher has every finger crossed that their book will be boosted into the stratosphere. But what are the reasons a book sells well? The BBC Attempts An Answer.



Good post. 10 ways to get people to read books! News from the BBC. Good. Maybe the American Library Association can learn something from the English. You see, the ALA thinks there is one main way to get "reluctant" children to read books. And that would be recommend inappropriately sexualized books. The ALA even uses something from the story's playbook -- giving awards to inappropriately sexualized books for children. Here is a sample list of books for "reluctant" young readers: link.

And here is one of those same books in hundreds of New York City public schools until parents speak up and enforce community standards over ALA agenda and have the books removed: link.

So again, thanks for bringing this article to everyone's attention.

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