State Library of Montana closing to walk-in users

Kelly writes "WOW — the State Library of Montana will be closing its doors to walk-in users as of Jan. 1, 2008! It will focus exclusively on serving patrons through its website. Two articles about this are: @ and Is this going to be the new trend?"


As the child of a demographer I would be disrespecting the family coat of arms if I didn't suggest that it might be useful to find a sample that didn't have, as its sole member, a state with the population density of the Arabian desert.

The reporters got the story wrong and the state library has already issued a correction. See for the response from the Montana State Librarian.

As a Montanan, I have to respectfully point out that our population, while under 1 million total people, is usually denser in most places than the sheep or cow population. We've got you beat, Wyoming!

They are planning to eliminate walk-in access to the collection. From the small link at the bottom of the page: "Discontinuing walk-in access and circulation of our print collection will allow us to focus our resources on completing the transition within a reasonable time." I myself was quite concerned when the story first broke, mostly because as a Montana librarian I was blindsided. After talking to the folks at the state library I feel that this will be a great improvement for access, as long as people have computers with internet access, and it will be interesting to see what happens. Other states better keep tabs on what we're doing here!


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