Interview of the First Lady and Librarian of Congress Dr. James Billington by FOX & Friends

You just know any interview on FOX & Friends is going to be full of hard hitting and insightful questions. This Interview Of Billington & Bush is no exception. The first question asked was just what you'd expect from the liberal driveby media: "Just out of curiosity, who would be the number one librarian? Would it be the First Lady or the guy sitting next to you, Mrs. Bush?"The attack continued for 6 minutes.


Assume you were just being sarcastic? It seemed pretty innocuous to me.

I feel the love in your comment, Blake, I can feel it!Wearin' your heart on your sleeve.Couple of great big paper mache puppets, couple of NYCers in black with the bandanas and all that just a smackin' their tom-toms, a burning flag and your good to go.A librarian in the Whitehouse...not a positive peep from the library-left for seven years, narishkayt par excellence (pardon my Hebrew-French)

Politics aside (yeah!), there is an interesting exchange in the interview between Bush & Billington on classification systems.