limiting access to Harry Potter books


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Zeeland\'s Board of Education stood behind a decision Monday that limits access in the district to the Harry Potter book series.
Superintendent Gary Feenstra issued a memo to staff in November that prohibits Zeeland teachers from reading the books aloud in class.

Checkout of the first three books of the series, written by Scottish author J.K. Rowling, is restricted to fifth- through eighth-graders who show written permission from their parents. Feenstra\'s order also says the district will buy no more installments in the series.\"You can\'t pretend there is no such thing as right and wrong,\" Van Rhee said.

Lisa VanDerKolk said that even though the books are a work of fiction, the witchcraft and wizardry could still give children ideas. \"This stuff is real, and kids can get mixed up in it,\" she said.

Just more than half of those who spoke were against Feenstra\'s decision either because they thought the books were good for students to read or they disagreed with the process in which the decision was made.

Because the board refused to address the policy in a formal agenda item, the decision by Feenstra will stand.

Joni Van Rhee said one of her daughters had difficulty sleeping due to nightmares during the period the book was being read aloud in her class. Van Rhee then had her daughter excused from class during the reading period.

\"You can\'t pretend there is no such thing as right and wrong,\" Van Rhee said.

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