United Methodists Continue Struggle Against Bush Institute at University

The Methodists, well many of them anyway, don't want to host the George W. Bush Library at Southern Methodist University. Story from Ekklesia, a Methodist newsletter and The Baltimore Sun.


The petition discussed in the article has ~11K, heck lets say 12 thousand signatures. The 'bishops' that signed the petition don't even fill one web page above the fold.

The article also says that there are eleven million members of the Lutheran Church. Lets see 12000 into eleven million is ...well certainly not most

Do these opponents of the Library have a friend named Sancho Panza?

A petition of bishops protesting the library has collected the signatures of 15 Methodist bishops and more than 10,800 Christians (mostly Methodists.)That is, like, almost...ummm lessee...divided by eleven million...carry the three...(shouldn't have double tied those laces!)...uh, looks like it comes to ...almost none.

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