The Hollywood Librarian Visits Indiana

And critic Frank Gray of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reviews it.

From his column: "The focus of [Ann Seidl's 'The Hollywood Librarian'] will undoubtedly please real-life librarians, such as Lynn Hoffman, who has been with the Allen County Public Library for 11 years.

Yeah, she said, sometimes she does take the stereotype a bit personally. She wears her hair in a bun once in a while, and she wears glasses, too.

But, she adds, she likes to think of herself as a relatively young person and sort of cool. She was a cheerleader in high school, so she can't be too dull, and she's not a spinster. She's married. And on the day of the interview, when a gathering of senior citizens was making an incredible racket in the library, not once did she shush anyone.

"People say, 'You gotta have a degree to do this?' It hurts a little," Hoffman says. Most of what I do the public isn't aware of.

Katie Jacobs, who has been a librarian in the young-adults section in Fort Wayne, has been a librarian for six years.

"When people come up and say, God, what a boring job, I just think, 'Oh, go away.' "

Her job is way cooler than the jobs most people will ever have, she says.

But there's still that stereotype, that librarians main responsibility is protecting books from people and shushing visitors to the library. It's still widespread.

"I think it's funny," Jacobs said. "Kids come up and whisper, and I can't hear them."

Check out the film trailer on YouTube.

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