The Original MyLibrary!

I caught this post to WEB4LIB the other day from Eric Morgan and though I'd reprint a bit here: You may have been reading some news about Google Books and their "mylibrary" implementation. It is nice to see the word/phrase "mylibrary" become a part of the vernacular, and I just wanted to bring to your attention the "original" MyLibrary which now lives at the following URL:
MyLibrary is NOT an application as much as it is digital library framework and toolbox. MyLibrary is about creating *relationships* between the three primary entities of libraries: 1) information resources, 2) librarians, and 3) patrons. It does this through the management of an institution-defined controlled vocabulary of facets and terms.


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still slow

300,000 items searched in 8 may be free, but lord is it slow.

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