Play Library Science Jeopardy

Welcome librarians, MLS candidates, and other interested pursuers of knowledge; welcome one and all to Library Science Jeopardy. Just like the popular television version, the primary rule remains to provide your answer in the form of a question. There are six categories to select from, each containing five answers in ascending order of difficulty. Click on any of these from the game board below and you will encounter your first answer. Below the answer will appear four possibly correct questions, from which you must select the correct question. If you are of the competitive sort, you might want to have pencil and paper handy to keep score. There are no prizes, but, if you guess correctly, you will win an expanded explanation of the correct question.


Interesting test. Their answer to the question "This invention changed the way books were stored in libraries." for $50 in the Machinery and Technology section is just flat wrong, but otherwise the thing is all good. The ones I missed were really obscure. I poked around a bit to see if anybody who wrote the test was still attached to the thing, but it doesn't look that way.


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