WSU restricts public Internet access over inappropriate sites

A few bad apples just about ruined it for everyone.

Public Internet access at the Winona State University campus has been restricted until new policies can be put into place, said Larry Hardesty, interim director of the Darrell W. Krueger Library.

Hardesty said recent incidents of people looking at questionable material — including possible child pornography — forced him to rethink how to monitor Internet users at the library.


mdoniel might be able to help with this one.

This is just one of those weird questions because I genuinely don't understand this part of the whole online child porn phenomenon.

How is that everyone seems to be able to find kiddy porn at their library, while law enforcement seems terminally clueless as to where it is?

Is it the million monkeys writing Hamlet thing, there's just more perverts than badges? That's the only thing I can think of.

"mdoniel might be able to help with this one"Uuuh, something you know that we don't about him?? :-)

WOAH! No no no no! I don't mean that. I mean that he seems to have experience in law enforcement!Oh god, I totally did not mean that the way it was written. This is why I should never blog before three cups of coffee!

Finding kiddie porn online doesn't get you anything. All you see is the victim and not the perpetrator. Finding out who posted something to a porn site or board involves warrants, time, money travel, Staties, Feds, etc. I think it's more of a logistics problem and not a "where is it" problem.In the article it references the fact that the PL in that town requires cards to log in. The university does not.Many colleges and universities have a policy of benign indifference to non-students (staff or faculty) using the library and the computers.It's infuriating. They like it, I think, because it makes them feel wise, generous and open-minded. And they don't actually have to deal with it.There is this perception that internet use is free and books are not, which is why "outsiders" can get borrowing privileges. Except we know that Internet connections cost a lot in staff time and so forth.I became and am very intolerant of "outsiders" using college libraries. Sorry, they didn't pay. Play Runscape and giggle over 28 simultaneous IM windows on your own nickel.

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