LISNews - Changes Coming Tomorrow

'Cmon over to the LISNews Beta Site and let me know what you think. Sometime on Friday I'll be moving LISNews over to the new system. If you're reading this you Probably had your account moved from here, so you can login with your same old username/password. I say Probably because I didn't move over all the user accounts, but chances are if you're someone who has participated 'round here, you're someone who got moved.
Much of what there is just test garbage, so feel free to kick the tires and see how things work. The URL of LISNews will continue to be

Let Me Know What You Think!!


Are you using the same DB for the back end that you use now? MySQL?
Did you create a taxonomy, or importing the one from here?
Did you work out the suggest a story page?

Email... ah I think I turned that off.Colors are retro cool, LISNews was orange/blue for the first 4 or 5 years. I can't even remember why I went with that.

Very good, thank you for that.

I'm not crazy about the theme either, just seem to have settled on that one for now.I haven't given the search any thought, that's way down on my list right now.Tackers? Views? All this sounds familiar, but what I know about Drupal at this point could fit into a thimble!

Thanks Chuck!

Please tell us you will change the colors:1. text color that is high contrast with its background2. something other than neon orange and superman blue ; )

I do find it easier to navigate.I can't find an email button though! Colors a shout out to Urbana/Champaign?

Some color choices make the new site extremely difficult to read. White letters on a light grey background tops the list in degree of difficulty. Light red letters on a white background follows as second in degree of diffculty for legibility.

I like it, not necessarily from a graphic design standpoint as that is not my forte, but I like the functionality. I am playing with Drupal too.

Have you thought about using a different search engine than Drupal's search for white bar search. I am concentrating on that and also creating a parametric index and a browse tree. With the tagging you have now that is required when one submits a story a parametric index might be useful.

I do like the way it creates the title tag -for example (title) Oh it requires a subject. | LISNews - Drupal Beta Site(/title) Although if you are going to use tagging for search weighting you might want to concatenate a story title (from table node with value title) | site title, but that would require some pain in the neck coding as I don't see where the site name is stored.

The only other concern I have about Drupal is the inability to sort columns like (or any drupal /tracker) I am working on rebuilding that with views to get the sort functinoality I want.

It looks great though.

I think it looks great. Thanks for your effort and I'm sure it will make the site much more fun to use.

>>Are you using the same DB for the back end that you use now? MySQL?Yup>>Did you create a taxonomy, or importing the one from here?Well, I plan on brining in the one from here best I can, but that's not something I've put much thought into at this point.>>Did you work out the suggest a story page?Not yet, I did get a comment or email on that someplace, but didn't get to it yet.

1. Yes, didn't even noticed that, but point taken, I'll see what I can do on that.2. What???? I find it sooooothing

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