Que quieres? Acquisitions in a Foreign Language


The Acquisitions Librarian at the Wichita Falls (TX) Public Library wants to find out what Spanish readers want; he doesn't speak the language, but it's his job to acquire Spanish-language titles. How to go about the task? Here' the scoop from the Times Record News (three names are better than one!)


I remember from my stint in a PL from a year or so ago that few librarians know that WorldCat allows one to search for foreign language titles in foreign languages- from Akbhaz to Zuni.

This can help with collection development, and also make ILL requests for patrons who speak Akbhaz (whatever that may be) and all other languages much easier.

There are 3 items authored by 'Smith' in Akbhaz - which looks a lot like Italian to me. I love WorldCat.

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