Cellphone novels outstrip paper books in Japan

An Anonymous Patron writes "An Aug. 10, 2007 post from Tokyo reports that cellphone novel downloads already outstrip paper books in Japan

http://www.digitalworldtokyo.com/index.php/digital _tokyo/articles/cellphone_novel_downloads_outstrip _paper_books_in_japan/

The biggest seller has been a work entitled The Red Thread, which has sold over one million digital copies in six months; each phone novel can cost anywhere between $1 and $8."


If they're saying "these two enovels outsold any print novels," OK. If they're saying fewer than three million print books were sold in Japan in the first half of 2007...well, I flat-out don't believe that.

Japan's population is about 40% of U.S. population. U.S. print book sales for the first half of 2007 were almost certainly more than a billion. Yes, the cultures are different, but to believe that Japan book sales are less than .3% of U.S. book sales...well, "horsepuckey" comes to mind.

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