Whither book nooks?

Independent bookstores aren't quite so rare as ivorybilled woodpeckers "yet"; but people go on expeditions to spot the survivors.

"Bookstore tourism" is the term.


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They have no bookstores??

From the article: In fact, Arkansas "has the fewest number of bookstores per person of any state" (not counting the big box stores ) They don't have any bookstores as long as you don't count the bookstores. Ok. How is a Barnes and Nobles or a Borders not a bookstore? They carry 100,000 titles in many of the shops. What makes a bookstore that we are allowed to count? The economics of bookselling are nuts. I highly reccomend this book that looks at all the oddities that go on in the book business that makes it a not very profitable affair. In Cold Type: Overcoming the Book Crisis *

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