Creating an Unencumbered Public Repository of All Federal and State Case Law and Codes

From Tim O'Reilly: "Carl Malamud has this funny idea that public domain information ought to be... well, public. He has a history of creating public access databases on the net when the provider of the data has failed to do so or has licensed its data only to a private company that provides it only for pay. His technique is to build a high-profile demonstration project with the intent of getting the actual holder of the public domain information (usually a government agency) to take over the job." Read about Malamud's latest project, "creating unencumbered public repository of all federal and state case law and codes," in O'Reilly's blog entry, "Carl Malamud Takes on WestLaw," or John Markoff's New York Times article, "A Quest to Get More Court Rulings Online, and Free."