Chronicle article:An Anthropologist in the Library

CandiC writes "The University of Rochester Library hired an anthropologist to get to the bottom of how students really live and conduct research. Details about their study and some of their conclusions are shared in the Chronicle of Higher Education's article, "An Anthropologist in the Library: The U. of Rochester takes a close look at students in the stacks" by Scott Carlson (On for subscribers, or in the August 17, 2007 edition). Their findings include: not all millenials are technically-inclined; students work at night often because they're over-achievers with little free-time, not slackers; and college students still turn to parents for helps with assignments. "The results of the study, which will be published in a book due out next month from the Association of College and Research Libraries, helped guide a library renovation, influenced a Web-site redesign, led to changes in the way the library markets itself to students, and, in some cases, completely changed the image of undergraduates in the eyes of Rochester librarians." But U. of Rochester librarians warn against applying their results to your library. Instead, they recommend doing your own market research."

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