Book Deal for Laura Bush & Daughter Jenna


PW reports that HarperCollins has signed the First Lady and Jenna Bush to write a children's book (as yet untitled) about a boy who doesn't like to read (imagine!).

The happy authors say:

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to partner with one of my favorite teachers, my daughter Jenna, to write a children's book," said Mrs. Bush, "and to have it illustrated by the wonderfully talented artist, Denise Brunkus."

"My mom has been my lifelong inspiration," added Jenna Bush, "sharing her love of reading and books with Barbara and me since we were little girls. I've taken that passion into the classroom. I hope this book will help kids realize the importance and fun that reading can add to their daily lives."


Since I already know about librarianship and drinking until I fall down it would seem I have no need to read this book.

The great and powerful TBogg ( spaketh:"First lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna Bush are writing a children's book about a boy who doesn't like to read. It is based on their experiences as teachers."The working title is: Uncurious George and The Bin Laden Determined To Strike In US Daily Briefing Book. (library) will still do the right thing and buy it. Right Chuck?

Kiddie books aren't up to me. But I can't imagine we would. Ms. Bush seems a nice, intelligent lady.I was really just making cheap jokes at the expense of her husband and her daughter.Cheap jokes: replacing cheap wheat as a staple of American society.

Sorry, that should read "can't imagine that we WOULDN'T."

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