Light the Way: Outreach to the Underserved Grant

Here's good news about a one-time grant from the Association for Library Service to Children and Candlewick Press, publisher of Kate DiCamillo's popular kids books to honor a library (plus several honorable mentions) that serve underserved populations of young readers.

Said DiCamillo: "When I was a child from a broken home in search of comfort, librarians handed me a book. I am proud to join with ALSC today in this ongoing effort to put books into the hands of children who need the books--the light--the most."

Special population children may include those who have learning or physical differences, speak English as a second language, are in a non-traditional school environment or a non-traditional family setting (such as teen parents, foster children, children in the juvenile justice system and children in gay and lesbian families) and those who need accommodation service to meet their needs.

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