When Reading is a Threat Worthy of FBI Attention


Kelly writes "This article, "Careful: The FB-eye may be watching: Reading the wrong thing in public can get you in trouble," is about the adventures of a bookstore employee who was seen reading something thought to be unacceptable, terroristic, wrong — it's not clear — at a coffeeshop, and because of his reading, he was paid a visit by two FBI agents. Here's a link to the tale: http://atlanta.creativeloafing.com/gyrobase/Conten t?oid=oid%3A12715&status=rate&ratebtn=5 Here's a link to the article the FBI was investigating him for reading: http://tampa.creativeloafing.com/gyrobase/Content? oid=oid%3A2752"


Not that the oppressive hand of the thought police isn't of continuing relevance, but this story is from July 17, 2003.

Not only that, it was part of the top stories of 2003. But is it any surprise tales like these are making the rounds again?Similarly, a story like this from 2001 made the Digg front page not too long ago.... Digg's great for splashy headlines, just not necessarily real up-to-date news.

As I was reading the description, it seemed really familiar to me. But four years down the road, I wonder what ever became of it. Did the FBI ever make any follow-up statements about it? I'll have to do a little Googling and see.

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