Flood damages Aliquippa, Pa., library


Bibliotrope writes "The B.F. Jones Memorial (public) Library in Aliquippa, Pa., is starting cleanup after over six inches of water collected in the Children's Learning Center in the building's basement. The library is just one of many downtown Aliquippa buildings damaged by a flood caused by severe rains Thursday, which saw 3.5 inches of rain fall on the Western Pennsylvania town. (Other parts of Beaver County received more than 4 inches. The county has declared a state of emergency and is seeking emergency funding from the stae and Federal governments.)

The Children's Learning Center was just renovated and opened to the public last year. The floodwater, which poured through the doors, flooded the elevator shaft, and damaged the children's librarian's computer and all the books on the lower shelves. Other books on higher shelves may also be in danger of mold. Many local history items are also stored in the basement. As a result, the library is expecting to have to discard several thousand books. Summer programs may need to be held outdoors until the cleanup is complete, and the library is seeking cash donations to help replace the damaged materials.

References: Article in the Beaver County Times and on WTAE-TV (including video clip)."

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