Library Fundraiser Has DC Area Residents Salivating

The Washington Post reports on sales of a new edition of an old book that's now helping local libraries in the DC area. The book, "300 Years of Black Cooking in St. Mary's County Maryland," was first published in 1975. But it has been enjoying a revival of sales since the St. Mary's County Library system reissued it in September 2005.

Recipes include traditional African American recipes, such as dandelion wine, hog brains and eggs and possum.

"They're recipes that parents had, and grandparents had, that often the children didn't write down," said Janice Walthour, who lives in Lexington Park and wrote a poem for the book.

The book can be purchased for $15 at any St. Mary's County library, or online at St. Mary's County (MD)Library.

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