Booksellers Upset Over NPR's Amazon Link


No one questions the power of National Public Radio (NPR) to sell books, but it's how it sells them that is generating complaints from booksellers. When NPR released its summer reading list and linked purchases to Amazon, booksellers like Josie Leavitt, co-owner of Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vt., had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she advised other members of the New England Independent Booksellers Association listserv to print out the list, because she had three customers in one day ask about books on it. On the other hand, she said, "I was aghast when I noticed that the Buy This Book link goes right to and no one else." Story continued here.


Sure, which one should they link to? The one's they're not getting commissions from? Duh......

If the independent booksellers are making donations to their local NPR stations I think it would be wise for those stations to support those sellers if possible. No reason they could not have a link to Amazon and say that the book is also available at local stores.If I was one of the independent sellers and I made donations to the local station I would asked to be kept appraised of books that were being mentioned on the programs.In regards to Book Sense there is a website that I have never found very useful. It doesn't tell you if a local station has a book just tells you where the stores are located.

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