Looking For A Book


Dr. Michael Stephens is look for a book: A Document (Re)turn: Contributions from a Research Field in Transition by Roswitha Skare (Editor), Niels Windfeld Lund (Editor), Andreas Varheim (Editor)

He needs some page numbers for the Michael Buckland chapter:

Michael Buckland discusses the model adopted by the Document Studies program at the University of Tromso, Norway. He notes that the specific conceptual framework looks at "three complementary lines of inquiry [that] can produce a rich analysis: document analysis; social interrogation; and comparison of practices across different genres and traditions." In discussing the third of these he notes: "Human life and human cultures form their patterns. Ludwig Wittgenstein argued that meaning is constituted through activity, through the use of language ("language games") within specific contexts."

Michael Buckland "Northern Light" in A Document (Re)turn: Contributions from a Research Field in Transition. Roswitha Skare, Niels Winfeld Lund, and Andreas Varheim, eds. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2007.

Please email him at mstephens7 (at) mac.com if you can help.

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