Books and Coffee Again...and Maybe Something to Go With?

Here's a donut story to go along with our coffee poll.

The newest Dunkin' Donuts franchise is located in the Toms River, NJ Public Library in a former library meeting room. The store, which opened May 11, has "worked out very well", said branch manager said John Glace. "It's only been a month, but it seems to be perking up the lobby, and it seems to be busy all the time." Asbury Park Press reports.


I gained 40 pounds in the 18 months I worked at the library (and only lost 19 of it in the year since). All the old volunteers baked stuff and gave me a hard time if I did not at least have a little taste.

If there were a DD in the library I would have to be rolled into work like the grape kid in Willy Wonka. If it were a Tim Horton's I'd have coffee too. Tim has great coffee. I remeber meeting Tim Horton and Bobby Hull when I was a little kid in the early 70's in Buffalo.

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