Be There, Or Be There to View it On The Web - Saturday in NYC

If you're in Manhattan this weekend, you might be able to come to the assistance of a library-lover.

On Saturday, June 9th precisely at Noon, an attractive, single and slightly bookwormish woman carrying a stack of books and loose papers will descend the steps of the NYC Public Library.

Halfway down the steps, she will awkwardly stumble and spill her papers and books everywhere.

Will you be there to help her?

a web happening (wappening #3) created by my friend, experiential artist Lee Walton.


Considering it's NYC, if she took a REAL fall and was REALLY injured, everyone would look away and walk around her...And of course youth and physical ATTRACTIVENESS is always the qualifying criterial for offering assistance rather...the ugly can forget it.And besides now that the youth have boldly and naively declared this silly event to the universe...The entire staff of the NY public library, their insurance companies, their liability attorneys,and their security staff will put a stop to it before anything that could possibly result in negative publicity about the absolute safety of THEIR STEPS or any activity that could result in a personal injury claim by the nubile wench or the uncaring who will trip over her supine form would result in.So there.gag!

Ms. Dewey? She's too mean. I'd be afraid to help her. She'd probably pull out a riding crop and start whippin' on people.

Anonymous, you seem to have a somewhat negative approach to this project. What if a banana peel were involved? Maybe you should get on the horn to the Chiquita people, or Fox news?

I don't think so. When I am in the city I stay at the Marriott a block away from here and my office is on Madison three blocks from there. (although the Midtown Manhattan branch is on six floors across the street from these steps) I've seen people helping people quite frequently. An opened briefcase that spilled its contents, taking a picture for tourists in front of Patience and Fortitude (the lions), helping someone in a wheelchair stuck in a rut on the curb. That was all two weeks ago when I was there last.

That is a nice part of the city, I often get a little snack and hang out in front of the library or at Bryant Park. If there were a bookish young woman who dropped her papers I'd certainly help her pick them up.

I may be a curmudgeon but even I don't think NYC is the terrible place they make it out to be. Sure when I get in a cab in Midtown at 8PM and want to go to go to Brooklyn they pretend they have no idea what state that is in, but the people in the city are just dandy if you ask me.

As to the art project, I think it is kind of goofy, then again I think Andy Warhol's Campbells soup cans were goofy, so I am probably not the best judge. It does seem intersting though, and I'd help her with her research any day.

You say that like it is a bad thing :>

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