More On Illinois Librarian Censorware Protest


Seth Finkelstein writes "For mainstream coverage of the Illinois Librarian Protest, see
Library group looks to pull plug on Internet for a day
Demonstration to cut Danville library's Internet service
Illinois Library Association executive director, Robert P. Doyle,
"said the filters provide a false sense of security and block important information"."


In the second article the following appears:

Filters are about 95 percent to 98 percent effective, Nolan said. Since some grants and other funding could depend on 100 percent compliance with the bill if passed, objectionable Web sites that slip through the software may threaten library funding, Nolan said.

I have read the bill, that is simply untrue. I am not clear if the librarian is simply unable to understand the Bill or is simply lying, but there is no explicit requirement for 100% blocking, nor is there any specific provision of the proposed law that would punish the library if one single dirty picture accidentally slipped by.

Lying, not competent, or simply playing Chicken Little, Nolan's comments do not represent the proposed law.

How many of you commenting on this had taken the time to read the bill? Perhaps you should read it before you opine again.

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