Mrs. Bush Praised for Helping Libraries

First lady Laura Bush was honored Tuesday night for her foundation's donations to Gulf Coast school libraries devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

"Schools are essential to the recovery that is under way," Mrs. Bush told guests at a dinner sponsored by the Community Foundation, a public charity. "Until schools are rebuilt, families can't come home."

The first lady said it takes $50,000 to rebuild an elementary school library and $100,000 to restock a high school library. Last week, she visited New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School and the Holy Cross School for Boys in New Orleans to announce grants.


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Link here. Be sure to put the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries.

Fang, please time and score this as troll-flamebait etc. BEFORE you read it. Thanks:For eight years, you had a librarian in the White House but even though you were librarians, you had to hate her, because she was a bushitler fascist. The breeder "wife" of the "President Select."You had a librarian in the White House!Socialismo O Muerto!

So, just because someone is a librarian and we are librarians we must agree with them support everything they do?

I'm sure that there are plenty of librarians whom I don't agree with and wouldn't support and vice versa.

No - I dislike her because she's a bitch. I can say that with confidence.

No. Because you had a librarian in the White House, you (meaning the majority of leftist librarians, not necessarily you personally) should have gotten over your foaming mouth hatred of all things W and used that connection to advance the goals of the profession, instead of using the connection to continually revile the President's spouse.The dismissal and hatred of Mrs. Bush by ALA and its more shall-we-say "demonstrative" members shows that leftist librarians are radicals first and librarians second. Forget the SRRT's whining about the "unprofessional" independent Cuban librarians -- we have our own "fake" librarians. They may be wearing sensible shoes, but they're li'l Lenins, willing to do "whatever it takes" for the good of The Cause....

Some sort of dog is rabid, that's for sure, but it isn't Laura Bush.

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